My Pangea

Hello World!

Corny way to start this but it is appropriate to my mood. I am smiling ear to ear, tickled by the excitement of my bonsai flowering. Now, this is not the most exciting thing for most, which is why it is now to explain the story behind this…

For the past two years, I have been walking in and out of nurseries, florists and even my local Woolies, in search of the perfect bonsai, returning empty every time. I soon gave up my search and turned to buying a pot plant, which did well for about 8 months, but our time together was short-lived. I later moved on to another, this time my favourite flower – Barberton – but this was also a very short relationship…

For my seventeenth birthday (which was beyond amazing), I (finally) received a bonsai as a gift from my dearest cousin who, besides me, knew how much I wanted one. I went straight to work, researching how to take care of it, how to help it survive, etc. and learned the most profound thing ever (to date) :

“The growth and development of your bonsai is a direct reflection of your growth & development as a person.”

Whoa, way to put the pressure on! I have since been cautious in my care-taking of this wonderful mini-tree, watering it every morning and making sure it gets enough sun, giving it enough love and attention, etc. but this weekend I left it all alone, without any water (or at least, that’s what I think), or anyone to move it away from the window at night so it doesn’t get cold…. And I came back to find a small white flower had grown among the branches!

This is such an exciting moment for me because, if I think back to the above quote, it is a direct & personal reflection of my own flowering. Most importantly of all, it is just the confirmation I needed to remind me that I can do it, I will grow, I practice patience, I want to grow, I know I will, I take on responsibility, I give not to receive.

This is an remarkable start to my week, I’m excited to make things happen!

(Just a sidebar – after weeks of contemplation, I’ve decided to name my bonsai ‘Pangea’ because, although this was a hypothetical supercontinent, it brought forth the idea that we were all one being, before we broke off and multiplied as beings of our own – just as the roots of a tree come together from different places and separate again to create something beautiful. )



I won’t let my focus change.

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